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Ahner Eikaiwa

Be firmly convinced that the benefits from this offering will extend to your parents

Art of Howard Ahner of Nobeoka
To mix other practices with this Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is a grave error.
Uncle Norman Tamura took us hunting many times in the California desert.
How do you see me in Nobeoka?
My Favorite Photo of Howard Ahner
I placed these various articles before the Lotus Sutra
What happiness! What happiness!
Sports in Nobeoka
Beehives in Nobeoka
Whether or not your prayer is answered depends upon your faith
Can it be that Shakyamuni Buddha or the Bodhisattvas of the Earth have entered into your body?
How admirable, that you have read the entirety of the Lotus Sutra with both body and mind!
There is no greater happiness than having faith in the Lotus Sutra.
301 N. Bewley Street, Santa Ana, California 92703 - From 1958 to 2008
We Met in Nobeoka
Howard Ahner's
you should singlemindedly chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo morning and evening, day and night
I can erase the grave offenses of my past and, for the first time, attain Buddhahood.
The character myo changes and becomes Shakyamuni Buddha seated on a lotus pedestal.
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However, you are increasingly demonstrating the depth of your faith and accumulating good deeds.
Maho No Te in Nobeoka
Sadowara Restaurant
And this is only the beginning: be convinced that your great reward is yet to come.
how wretched and meaningless it would be to fall victim to an epidemic or simply die of old age!
on the path of attaining Buddhahood, one is certain to meet some great trial that will demand of him
Ichiro Tamura
If master and disciple are not of the same mind, they cannot accomplish anything.
Rather it has come about as a response to the true words contained in the Lotus Sutra.
Be firmly convinced that the benefits from this offering will extend to your parents
A passage from the Lotus Sutra reads, "...difficult to believe and difficult to understand."
Tsukimaro must have chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with her very first cry at birth.
We common mortals can see neither our own eyebrows, which are so close, nor heaven in the distance.
"With easy labor they shall bear a fortune child."
Your own offerings were not made to me, Nichiren, but to the Lotus Sutra.
Nevertheless, I am an ordinary person dependent on other things for my existence.
When one comes to the end of his good fortune, no strategy whatsoever will avail.
The lion, king of beasts, is said to advance three steps, then gather himself to spring,
I can hardly find words to say how much I appreciate your sincerity
but never once did I die for the Lotus Sutra or suffer persecution for the daimoku.
Yet King Chou's army lost because of disunity
Seihou High
These offerings demonstrate your profound sincerity.
Doesn't a fire burn more briskly when logs are added?
Tientai construed the character myo [of Myoho-renge-kyo] to mean that which is beyond ordinary co
Some are swept away by the strong currents, some fall prey to eagles
Even those who are free from illness cannot escape the transience of life
But if we truly yearn for Shakyamuni Buddha, how could he ever fail to reveal himself to us?
This represents the two principles of object (kyo) and subject (chi), or reality and wisdom.
Another sutra passage says that children are a treasure.

The Offering of a Summer Robe


A woman is like water, which takes the shape of its container. A women is like an arrow, which is fitted to the bow. A woman is like a ship, which is guided by its rudder. Therefore, a woman will become a thief if her husband is a thief, and she will become a queen if her husband is a king. If he is a man of virtue [who has faith in the True Law], she will become a Buddha. Not only in this life but also in the life to come, her lot will be determined by her husband.


Hyoe no Saemon is a votary of the Lotus Sutra. Because you are his wife, whatever may happen, the Buddha must acknowledge you as a woman of the Lotus Sutra. Moreover, you have aroused faith of your own accord, and have sent me a summer robe for the sake of the Lotus Sutra.


There are two kinds of votaries of the Lotus Sutra: saints and common mortals. The saint peels off his skin and uses it to transcribe the words of the sutra. If the common mortal offers his only robe to the votary of the Lotus Sutra, then the Buddha accepts it as equal to the peeled-off skin of the saint.


Your summer robe has been offered to the Buddhas of the 69,384 characters that compose the Lotus Sutra. Thus, it is equivalent to 69,384 robes. And as every one of these 69,384 Buddhas encompasses all 69,384 characters of the sutra, it is as though you had offered that many robes to each of them. To illustrate, suppose there is a spring field of a thousand square ri which is thick with grass. When a spark as small as a bean is set to a single blade of grass, fire will spread throughout the field in an instant, bursting into an immeasurable and boundless sheet of fire. The same is the case with this robe. Although it is only one, it has been offered to the Buddhas of all the characters of the Lotus Sutra.


Be firmly convinced that the benefits from this offering will extend to your parents, your grandparents and a countless number of other people, not to mention the husband you love most dearly.




The twenty-fifth day of the fifth month.


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English Teacher, Howard Ahner, Tel: 0982-34-5666

English Teacher: Howard Ahner Tel: 0982-34-5666 ah
English Teacher: Howard Ahner Tel: 0982-34-5666 ah
English Teacher: Howard Ahner Tel: 0982-34-5666

English Teacher, Howard Ahner, Tel: 0982-34-5666
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English Teacher, Howard Ahner, Tel: 0982-34-5666
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English Teacher, Howard Ahner, Tel: 0982-34-5666
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English Teacher, Howard Ahner, Tel: 0982-34-5666
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